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Kandys McKinley, MEd, LPC-S, LSOTP-S

When asked how I chose a career in counseling a simple answer was this career chose me. My motivation is not one thing, but a combination of many. It is my belief that all good things in life start with a solid foundation; therefore, if life situations have caused cracks in one's foundation, together we can fill the voids. This leads to one living a healthier and enriched life with one's self and others.

I feel that my past years of work experiences and my educational background provides me with a solid foundation in which to excel in the counseling profession. The aforementioned along with my passion for the field of counseling solidifies my belief that I positively impact the lives of others.

My life experience has ventured down many paths all contributing to the woman I am today. I graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Then I graduated from University of St. Thomas with Master of Education in Counseling. This served as a gateway to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider, all which allowed me to receive the appropriate tools, skills, and experience in order to materialize my desire to assist and enrich the lives of others through the profession of counseling.

Additionally, my prior work experience as a Mental Health Professional, Associate Psychologist, Counseling Resident, and Program Therapist also gives me invaluable insight into the world of a perspective client. Additionally I have become extremely skilled in assessing needs, listening and invoking change in others. I know if given the opportunity, I could truly prove to be a positive contributing factor in your life.

What To Expect

At our first session, we will focus on your concerns, what brought you into therapy, and any other contributing factors.  I will ask questions to clarify my understanding of your concerns, and to get you to begin thinking differently about your situation.

We'll discuss your goals and expectations, and how you will know when things are better.  My intent will be to help you get "unstuck" from psychological problems, and become the best problem-solver you can be. While collectively working to restore your self-respect, self-worth, and self-mastery.

"Life is about becoming a better version of yourself, Restored Haven Counseling is here to help you get there one step at a time". Call to set up your appointment, and begin life's new journey to self.

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